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hows it goin fellas? I just got back from my trip to austin for fishin and ohh yeah my best friends wedding. And as i had hoped it turned out awesome! i arrived on Friday at about 5 and went str8 to town lake to hit up some of my old hot spots. It was hot and humid and i couldnt stand to be in the open searching for deep water fish so i hit up some shorelines for some shade and didnt catch anything for a couple hrs the whe the sun started to set i went to my special lunker spot ive had for acouple years now. and sure enough i nailed my town lake personal best! not pb, but tl pb an 8.2lb lunker swallowed up my berkley purple power worm! huge fight! then i caught another nice 3 1/2 lber wich would have normally been exiting to me exept that i had just nailed a 8 lber. i stayed till 11 at night and managed to puul a couple dinks off my frenzy popper
. then i went on sun and monday with high expectaitions but with the rain and the last of the full moon friday the bite wasnt to good. i did miss two nice bass on my rage toad, one blew up literally 2 ft from the edge of my boat! first time a bass actually scared me, i thought it was a gar comin for my toesies!
ive got three nice pics of the 8lber but their on my cell phone and i dont know how to put them on my comp or directly to the website from my pone(if possible) but ill read thehow to on the forum and get em up soon hopefully! If theres any non beleivers or people who cant wait to see the tl beast out there pm me ur cell number and ill text it to you! Thanx for the info yall put up on my structure and tl tips
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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