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Ok so i was out with chitownlonghorn last night and hit some good spots. Ended up fishing one of my fav spots ,i put on a nice crank size crank bait.

I made several casts, and then wham a nice hit i set the hook and told chitown to grab the net this was my lunker ive been waiting for,played it for a while,finally it started to surface and the darn color of gold appeared, a darn carp i snaged in the tail. It was so big it didnt fit in the net GRRRRRR and i though tit was my lunker.

so we move on down to another spot a nice little cove i switch to plastics and im pitching a white minnow, as im bringing it to the boat wham another good hit, i set the hook and yell again grab the net shes big!!!! its now kinda dark , turns out i had a 6 pound catfish hit it dispointed again we moved to another spot started fishing the lights over by 360,fishing for the blacks and whites. pitching a small slab spoon i hooked one got it up to the boat and got it out of the water, turns out i didnt even hook it with my lure, the fish had been caught b4 and broke the line all i did was hook the broken line!! BOi is it getting tuff out there on LA lol owell next time hopefully when i yell get the net it wil be the fish im after hahahah
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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