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It is that time of the year again, Fishing For Freedom is right around the corner and we are looking for people that would be interested in taking a solider fishing.
Fishing for Freedom is a 2 day total event. Day 1 is the dinner and meet and great with the solider you get paired up with. Day 2 is the actual tournament. This event has no entry fee and there are some great prizes available including a 2010 17ft Triton Explorer. There is an optional Big bass buy in and many other free gift and also some great raffles. There will be several guest speakers attending the event also. Last year we had 238 boaters volunteer there time to give our soliders a day on the water. This year we are hoping to reach the max of 250. You can register at Look on the home page and scroll down to the picture and click on it to register. There is also a section with the rules and regualtions on the left side of our homepage. You can also view some of the information from last years.
If you have any question please email me at [email protected]

Josh Brown
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