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Looking forward to it. I'll bring my camera so we can get a 2010 group photo..

Gathering up at the closing of the ceremonies worked pretty good last year so lets do that again. Everyone meet by the front stage / podium for the ABF 2010 F4F photo.

See you guys there!

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Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, in-case I don't see or recognize some of you I'll be the pillsbury lookin' guy in a burnt orange UT shirt. ;D

This is the event of the year for me, lots of fun, for those who haven't fished it, your in for a real treat.

I also noticed one Zell Rowland in my list today, not sure if it is him but who else is named "Zell". Good Stuff!

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Looking forward to working this event. I'll be the guy in the Faith Angler Network shirt cruising around photographing the event in my electric wheelchair. If you see me, stop me and say hello.

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