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Fishing for Freedom Results

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This was the first Fishing for Freedom event I've participated in. I enjoyed the experience and look forward to doing it again next year.  We had a great group of ABF boaters volunteer this year.  Thanks to all who made it a success!  Texas Tournament Zone (TTZ) crew filmed the event from land and water so stay tuned for the video and pics that will be up soon I'm sure.


The standings of the top eleven teams are as follows:

Gary Klein and Clayton Caver had five fish for a total stringer weight of 15.6 pounds giving them first place.   They won a brand new bass boat, motor and trailer.

Bill Guzman and Tamar Jones caught four fish for a total weight of 14.22 pounds.   They also had the largest fish caught at 6.67 pounds. They finished in second place.

Third place went to Eric Emerson and Lawrence Roach with five fish for a total of 13.89 pounds.

Ed Whaley and David Hartshorn took fourth place with four fish weighing in at 9.98 pounds.

Fifth place finishers were Lannie Baggett and Dwayne Moorehouse with four fish for a total weight of 9.77 pounds.

In sixth place was the team of Danny Stewart and Paul Boschung with three fish at 9.29 pounds.

Chris Baker and Chris Garcia caught three fish for a sack weight of 9.23 pounds and took seventh place for their efforts.

In eighth place was the team of Bubba Petrich and Richard Delgado with five fish for 8.64 pounds.

Roy Reid and Carl Blom finished ninth and also had five fish for a weight of 8.53 pounds.

In tenth place was the team of Douglas Martin and Brent Blair with two fish weighing a total of 8.47 pounds.

The final place to win cash money was the eleventh place finishing team of Noe Aguilar and Virgil Brown with four fish at 8.27 pounds.

All fish caught were released back into Lake Belton.

Central Texas Marine Association president, Rick Smith, said that this year’s tournament was one of the most successful ever and wishes to thank all the businesses that donated prizes, money and volunteers to make this event such a success.   The tournament would not have been possible without the boaters coming together to give of their time to offer this free fishing trip to honor our military heroes.
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Good to see you out there Rich along with all the other boaters that came out to support our troops!

Glad we got the chance to meet one of the veterans in the sport and what a great story it turned out to be!  Gary is a first class act and I guess he catches fish every once in a while too!

Once we get the video edited our coverage will be up on the site.
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FFF is awesome! This was my second time to take a soldier fishing and I can't wait to do it again. I doesn't hurt that we came in 7th overall and had the 2nd big bass. We won over $1500 including Cris's bonus for being the 3rd highest placing at rank E5 or below.
I would like to thank everyone that made this possibe. This entire event was First Class all the way, from the pretournament meeting to the weigh in. If you contributed to the event in anyway, thanks!

More importantly I would like to say thanks to Cris and all of the other soldiers that put their lives on the line everyday to keep us FREE! Thank You!
Good to see everyone out there. 200 + boaters the same weekend as the Bass Champs Championship is a hell of a showing.

Well put Chris couldnt have said it better
Kudos to the CTMA (Texas Boat World, Marine Outlet, and Gary's Marine) for putting on yet another great event.

A proud shout out to all the boaters for a fine showing of support.  

Last but not least a big thanks to our troopers for all they do.

PS:  The ABF group photo will be up soon.  I need to get them from Bass finders camera.
I want to thank everyone that made this possible. I had a lots of fun meet a lot of people and cant wait to do it again.
Congrats to the winners...But I think all of you fished this tourny are winners to help a soldier out.Congrats to all
Here is the ABF group photo

Great group of guys except for those characters in the black jerseys - heard those clowns were up to no good at the Super 8 after the dinner.

Good to see everyone again and congrats to Bill and Chris for taking home some serious cash!

Our coverage should be up later today, had a busy weekend and are just now getting around to editing the video. Sorry for the delay!
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That sure is one goodlooking dude in that #23 Auburn jersey! ;D ;D
06363A2121653A653A65550 said:
That sure is one goodlooking dude in that #23 Auburn jersey!  ;D ;D

Where? ;D

What a group of lookers! ;D

Seriously, really cool to see all these representatives from ABF in support of such a great cause.
Congrats to all the guys that skipped Bass Champs to take soldiers fishing. I really enjoyed taking them out in the past and wish it didn't tend to conflict with Bass Champs so often.
1C2C203B3B7F207F207F4F0 said:
That sure is one goodlooking dude in that #23 Auburn jersey!  ;D ;D
So is the old man right in front of him in the FAN t-shirt.

Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers that worked this event and to all the anglers that took time out for such a good cause.

To all the troops, THANK YOU FOR THE FREEDOM that we have in our country.

Many, many, thanks go out to Cliff at Texas Boat World and Gary at Marine Outlet for the many hours of planning and for bringing their idea forward and turning it into reality.

So I know most everyone in the picture but a few faces I haven't matched...anyone/everyone identify themselves that haven't yet?

I'm next to Scott0o0o0 in gray and the Astro's baseball cap.
I'll help ya out. I'm behind Yung in the blue and brown shirt with the camo hat. Sorry I didn't introduce myself, I rode with Swimmy and his Dad to the dinner and we were ready to get back and get some rest.
Had a great time with the soldier(D.J.) I was teamed with. The problem we had like many others was getting keeper fish to bite. The best part for him was "peeling his eyes back" doing 70 across the water. he said that was the fastest he has been ina boat. All I got to say he had a great time, which all that mattered!!

I'm next to Larry P (Swimbait's dad). Wearing a black/brown shirt with the Yamaha hat I talked Rude out of since he doesn't run a Yamaha :)
I'm in the very back in the Texas hat.

I just saw that along with pictures the final results are also posted
Aw, when did you guys take that? I apparently missed out. Of course, I did get screwed up on my directions and where the meeting was at, so I didn't end up making it there until like 7:30.

And does anyone know if there has been a full results list posted and not just the top 11?
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