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I can see it now, guys with spinning reels, spin cast reels, buckets, live bait and trash everywhere! You all know what's going to happen if people start camping out on the boardwalk to fish. If there were a fishing pier, then that would be different and understandable. There is a great majority of the north side bank that is fish able from land, so why go to the trouble of setting your gear up when folks are walking or riding bikes on what isn't much of space of a boardwalk? Ask for a fishing pier!!!
That's right you greedy fishermen. You just pay those taxes for that $23,000,000.00 present to the city.
Let them decide who can use it and what for.

Now in a true free enterprise it would have a place to pay when and if you to used it. You would be encouraged to use it to make it profitable.
And if that business model didn't work it wouldn't get built. But in the Austin mentality it gets approved during the same year they lay off teachers.
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