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Full results to follow along with a video... maybe.

Congrat to Tracker D-Vee Nice Fish man.

( makes that 3.5 in your right hand look tiny. 7.42lbs !!!


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Some huge sacks were brought in today. About 25lbs won it all.

The Big Bass was 9.02. Airfob and I thought Tracker had it for sure, but his was second.

Fobio and I struggled hard along with many others. We finished about 20th out of 35 teams.

You can see the result as soon as I edit some vid.


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I caught my 2 fish with a standard 3/8 oz brown and black jig with a watermelon baby brushhog trailer. Fished it really slow (like dragging a C-rig) along the outside edges of grass.

Thanks to EA and Fob for getting some pictures of the 7.41 lb fish and making a yet another cool video.

Thanks to BassFinder, Gary, TX Boat World, and The rest of the Fishers of Men for putting on a great tourny. -TDV-

(2nd big bass) (had a 7+ and a 3+ to take 4th)

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Partner and I finished 13th out of 35 teams. We fished just up from city park, Bull Creek and Austin Country club, along with occasional docks. Picked up our 1st of 2 fish within 5 minutes by slowrolling a SB over grass. Picked up second keeper about midday on a Shakey jig. Had a few others that needed to be stretched to measure. Good tourny, not a lot of teams unfortunately. Think the weather held them off. Glad to see those from our site coming out and representing.

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Re: Fishers of Men ( Official Results )

I want to thank everyone that came out and fished The Fishers of Men Central Texas 3rd Annual Open presented by Texas Boat World.
We had 35 teams enter the tournament. 56 bass were brought to the scales totaling 152.52 pounds, for an average of 2.72 pounds.
We paid out a total of $4685.00 in cash and prizes for a 133% pay out. We will have all the details on shortly. Also check our our 2007 schdule.
I want to thank Texas Boat World for their support and asked that you give Cliff Brown (the new owner) a call for your service and maintenance needs, and check out his line of Triton, Stingray, and Sea-do products. 254-699-9151. We would also would like to recognize Sportsman’s Warehouse, Geneva Enterprises.Com, Kicker Fisher Baits Company, Jackal Lures, Lewis Home Team Realtors., and The Texas Outdoor Zone AM 1300.

Place Teams # Fish Total Weight Big Bass
1 Ronny Maynard/Eddy Maynard 5 19.43
2 Dale Read/Paul Carman 5 15.21
3 Randy Tawater/Bo Berry 5 14.51
4 Yung Follis/Scott Mahoney 2 11.07 7.41 :)
5 Don Crowell/Randall Vaughan 5 10.78
6 Bill Guzman 1 9.01 9.01
7 Bud Croom/Lynn Prince 2 8.76
8 Phillip Smith/ Matt Millard 4 8.36
9 Randy Sutz/Don Schwetze 3 6.79
10 Tom Yester/ Eric McGaha 4 6.2
11 John Baran/Gus Chavira 3 6.12
12 Kenny Valchar/Rick Valchar 2 5.32
13 Jeremy Reynolds/Derek Taylor 2 4.97 :)
14 Nathan Allen/Brian Perkins 2 4.47
15 Barry Young/ Noble Sessions 1 3.78
16 JJ Jackson 2 3.58
17 Lance Wenmohs/Andrew Labay 2 3.08
18 Rick Reed/Toby Turner 1 2.94
19 Brandon Ronshausen/John Ronshausen 1 1.93
20 Norman Wilson/Norman Wilson 1 1.93
21 Eric Austin/Andy Nuyen 1 1.69 :)
22 Scott Stagner/Sterling Stagner 1 1.32
23 Terry White/Roger Fry 1 1.27
24 Chuck Millard/Matt Millard
24 Mike Hastings/Alan Bell
24 Don Gordon/Jason Patureau
24 Chad Kallinha/Juan Villarreal
24 Lee Benton/Chris Johnson
24 Charles Whited/Rick Rasberry
24 Vincent Haili/Lloyd Walker
24 Robert Johnson/Jody Hailey
24 Jody Jackson/Loy White
24 Randy Frederick/Tony Sorensen
24 James Roberts/Brian Burns
24 Earl Loggains/Bob Bigle
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