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I just got back from dropping Al Odom (FOM Founder) at an hotel near the ariport, and wanted to congratulate Mike Hastings and Flint Fisher on their win today on our first FOMCENTEX for 2008. We officially had 79 teams, and with an hour delay getting started due to the fog, it turned out to be a very nice day.
They had 5 nice fish weighing in at 14.22
I appreciate everyone patients this morning.
We will have the details up as soon as Gus gets them up.
here are the rest of the teams that got a check.
2nd-Jacky Roberts/Ken Wilkins-13.91
3rd-Trey Groce/Bryan Cook-12.90
4th-Allen and Tammy Gass-12.51 with second place big bass 4.65
5th-John Weatherly/Rex Wheller-11.29
6th-Kevin Pederzani/Dan Taylor-10.96
7th-Brian Mater/Kelley Mauldin-10.76
7th-Dale Read/Paul Carmen-10.76
9th-Earl and Leisha Loggains-10.72 and big bass 5.11
10th-Roger and Jerral Boling-10.68
11th-Terry and Tommy Roberts-10.30
12th-Gerald Goff/Ed Matthews-10.21
13th-Randy Roe/Travis Jones Jr.-10.05
14th-Dick and Ty Chism-9.61
15th-Chris Conner/Louis Borchert-9.55
15th-Jared Smith/James Aboud-9.55

Great job to everyone and thanks for coming out and fishing with us.
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