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Time: 7-11 a.m Sunday morning.
Weather: fantastic in the shade. Nothing to complain about.
Launched in over by Abel's and the hula ht. Went to some coves over by the right, and hooked a good one on a senko. Of course I lost it as soon as it hit the boat. Got a couple more good bites, and hooked a couple more but had a hard time gettin them into the boat.
Then the bite just stopped. I tried everything I had, couldn't catch anything. Finally, as we were about to leave, we saw how crowded the boat ramp was, so we said screw it and went directly across the lake from the boat ramp and into another cove. Really glad we did. Second cast I hooked a solid 3.5-4 pounder on a senko. Very pretty fish; wish I could have taken a picture. Stayed in this cove for about 45 minutes and I caught 6 more, all around a pound or two, nothing major. But at this point I've caught 8 fish, which is more than I ever get bank fishing. My dad got skunked!!
All in all it was a great trip, no mishaps except for my bone-headedness loading the boat back on to the trailer (it was ugly). I'm glad I finally made it out to LA. Of course, my dad thinks there's no good fish in it and would rather fish Decker. But if I bug him enough and get him to take us out a few more times I'm sure he'll like the lake.
I included the one picture we took, of course it's of the smallest fish I caught and nothing to write home about.


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