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My neighbor and I have been doing some work on his property which involves the removal of dead trees. Until now, we have been selling it to a local BBQ shack, but I thought I would see if any of you were interested in it first. This load is all live oak, yet to be split.
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i'm in,,,,,HHJ is now the tourney director and wood deliver vehicle guy
I might be interested as well, always looking for some split oak for the smoker......
Wow, I didn't think we would get response that quick. Give myself (Mike) a call at 633-6218 or Matt at 423-7136 in the morning. We will work out a deal with you. We are supposed to be dropping off the remainder at the BBQ place tomm afternoon, so let us know in the morning. Also, we are going to making another run soon if we don't get everyone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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