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Firearms & Sporting Goods Store
8414 Anderson Mill Road
Austin, Tx 78729

Saturday, October 3, 10:00am

Friday Inspection – 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Saturday Inspection – 8:00am

This auction of over 550 lots will feature 175 firearms including antique and modern pieces and the inventory of a sporting goods store.  Firearms to include 5 Colt 1911A1, Bushmaster 50 BMG Cal. Long range rifle, Winchester 1892, Weatherby 300 Mag, Sig-Sauer Navy Seal Model 9mm P226, Sharps Lawrence 1863 Carbine,  Frank Wesson Civil War Military Carbine, Dan Wesson 357 Super Mag w/10” barrel, many Colt & S&W handguns, and many other notable pieces.  Also included Gamblers box with pistol, chips and cards, boxed rifle & pistol ammo, cases of shotgun shells, new Browning camo clothing & boots, built in long gun safes, game mounts including full body black bear, Browning and S&W knives, boxes of scopes, game calls, hunting waders, night vision rifle scope, bags of pistol grips, ski clothing, fancy nickel accented pony saddle, camp stoves, gun cases an much more!

For reservations – 512-258-5479

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