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Finally hit the 5lber club

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2nd time fishing on a boat. A buddy and I decided to hit up LA on Sat night for some full moon fishing. Launched at 360 around 9:30pm and came off the water around 12:30am. We left the ramp and went North about 30 seconds pulling up about 30 yards before some docks. Decided to throw a shakey head with my special pink/purple fleck finesse worm I got in the bargain bin. 3rd cast up to about 5 feet of water, bounce, bounce, GULP. Set the hook, the fish swam towards me so when my buddy asked "Is it a nice fish?" I said "Maybe 1.5-2lbs". Then the fish saw the boat, came up, turned and dove, then I knew it was a bigger fish than I'm use to and maybe a new personal best. My buddy said "I think I'll grab the net, I think you have a 5lber there". The fish came up twice and both times tried to dive under the boat. I'm not use this kind of fight since I fish 95% of the time on the bank. It was a great feeling. Finally got her to chill out and in the net. 5lbs on the nose. Hey fishbone, that is my impression of your smile ;D As you can see from the pic below, she was not that long, but was a little heavy with eggs (I'm 6'4" so she also looks a little small that way as well). I think my previous PB of 3lb8oz was actually a bigger fish...but I'll take it ;)

We were on the water less than 5 min so I thought we were in for one heck of a night. I couldn't have been more wrong. We only got one more dink the next 2.5 hours. We fished docs pretty much the whole time mostly with jigs and TR senkos and cranks. Wish we would have caught more but it was still a great night on the water. My first time on LA in a boat, full moon, not much wind. Can't ask for much more. Looking forward to getting back out there during the day to fish. Beautiful lake!
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Congrats on your PB.  Not too bad for a Choctaw Grad...  ;)
Keep at it on LA and that PB is likely to keep climbing.  Just a matter of time...

Tight Lines,

Way to go Mike :eek: :eek: :eek:
As Rude says "you keep fishing LA you will see it climb". That is what so special about LA. Every time you get a bite it could be a DOUBLE DIGIT ;) Congrats again Mike ;D
Congratulations on a great catch! Ditto the above... just keep fishing LA and your PB is bound to keep improving.

Glad to see you get a new PB 1Eye! You deserve it more than anyone else I've seen on these boards, especially with the time you've put in. Now join the club of trying to break double digits ;D
Congradulations.....Lake Austin owns alot of Austin areas bass fishermans Personel Best I would guess.
hey Lurp, I gotta still break my 5+ on them LMB's. Still holding that smallie as my PB
Congrats Mike,

Now you get to dream of bigger fish since you wont be able to get out due to changing diapers..

BTW, nice pants in that pic.. Stylin.. ;D
Congrats! Here is to more of em..
The 1st one is always the toughest to get!

Nice Job!!
ChitownLonghorn said:
hey Lurp, I gotta still break my 5+ on them LMB's.  Still holding that smallie as my PB

Thursday, Red Bud, be there ;D
Thanks everyone! I look forward to spending some more time on LA this summer and hopefully joining at least one HHJ as well.

Papabear, pants are really shorts, Vans shorts. I try to roll old school! :p
Old School. What do you know about old school. Other than your dads shorts. :p
good job, i hope the next you catch can eat that one :eek: ;D
Way to go 1Eye ;D
Great job 1EyeJack, nothing like catching your next biggest fish. By the way, where's the patch? ;D
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