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Fished from 8-8 and had a great day on calm Fayette County Lake. Fished the timber all day and caught a 22,20, and 2 19's and probably 15-20 more smaller greenbacks. We were fishing for big boys so we stuck with the timber in 10-15 feet of water. we saw many boater though catching a lot of active smaller fish over grass in shallower water, but we chose to hawg hunt.

The 22 was caught on a Grande Bass Blue Saphire Mutant on a 3/8 football head. The other were caught on rattlesnakes, senkos, Gulp turtle backs and trick worms all either wacky rigged or on jig heads. Sometimes they wanted a slow fall and other times they wanted it fast, so we changed up throughout the day.

All had spawned and were very aggressive. Water level was 2-3 feet low for some odd reason. Water temp was 66-70 degrees.
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