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Fayette report Valentine's Day Weekend

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Fished Saturday and Sunday with my wife as part of my birthday present and Valentine's Day weekend. Met up with a few friends from our club out as well. Even though it was windy and cold on Saturday, fishing was pretty good. The sun came out on Sunday and made things more tolerable -even though the wind kept howling out of the north. Lots of boats on the water yesterday.

We caught 2 fish off beds, the rest were caught by cranking and throwing  3/4oz Nichols Lures Magnum Pulsator spinnerbaits in the rip rap and rigging Nichols Watermelon Red Carolina Rigged Creature Baits on humps or tank dams.

See below for a few pics:

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Now that is one helluva cool wife to go fishing with you on Valentines! Reckon she's a keeper! Great pics too!
Thanks guys, yeah I guess she's a keeper!
Looked windy....But you still catch some nice bass...Congrats.

Hope to get out there sometime this week.

Congratulations on those nice fish....hope to use your info later this week in our tournament on Fayette. Thanks....
Looks like you had a sweetheart of a weekend. Thanks for sharing.

454654544A4649465254534E49270 said:
Thanks guys, yeah I guess she's a keeper!
"I guess" okay... Great pictures and looks like you had a great time. Thanks for the report!
Good looking fish off of fayette great job.Hope to get down there soon!!!
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