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Went out on Fayette today for the first time in a few months. Got on the water about 7:30, and holy cow, it was cold - don't think it was much warmer than the high 30's. Wind wasn't too bad when we first got out, but it picked up steadily as the day went on. Not sure if there was a tournament going on, but the parking lot was slammed full by the time we put in.

We caught 3 within the first hour or so, including a mystery fish that I think was a gaspergou?

It slowed down pretty good there and we caught two more random large-mouth over the next four hours, not including one big ol' buster that jumped out of the water, spit my hook, flipped me off and swam away.

We also saw an interesting sight... swimming deer. They acted as some extra entertainment for the day.

The wind was pretty annoying by the time we got off the water around 2pm, and the temp never got too warm on the water. Overall, I would say it was a subpar day on Fayette, at least for us. We both came home with gnarly wind and sunburns on our faces and lips, but no keepers.

Anybody else on Fayette today?
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