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Put in at LCRA park at 6:30 Am and didnt even turn on the motor. Trolled almost the whole cove and hit my first one on my 5th cast. (4 lbs) White spinner. Made it to the first turn where all the reeds are and hit another one. (4 lbs) White Spinner. Made my way back up the turn and directly across from the ramp I got smacked by a 5 1/2 little piggy   :eek: on a White and Green scum frog. 2 1/2 feet of water no more than 10 feet from the bank. After 45 mins and 3 nice fish, finally fired up the motor and went from one cove with alot of trees just north east of the dam to several other coves. NOTHING! Geez.... Tough lake today. Met alot of really nice fisherman out there and many said the activity seemed to quit around 7:45 am. Lots of swirlls all around the lake, even dead smack in the middle where at one point there was 7 boats lined up and fishing, however not much luck. Wife got hot and pissed due to my poor fishing performance, so we left at 11:00 am.  :'(  Not bad for my first time there, however I hope I have better luck there next weekend. Hope all of you have a safe weekend and bend your rods all day long.    :cool:
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