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My son and I went to Fayette on Saturday and tried flipping the trees with the snakes and finnese worms but didn't have any luck. We caught one in the discharge right side rocks on a shacky head watermelon candy finesse worm and one on the right side rocks at the intake on a CR watermelon red CR centipede. That was it for Saturday. We saw a few fish being caught by other anglers, but it didn't appear anyone was tearing them up. We saw some small fish come up chase little minnows at the discharge and a few other fish chasing bait but we couldn't get any to bite. On Sunday, I had a club tournament but didn't do very good. I had three fish which papered a little over 9LBS and lost another keeper at the boat. We fished the discharge rocks on and off most of the day with a shakyhead and CR watermelon candy finesse worm and centipede. The fish started chasing little minnows on the left side entance of the discharge on the back side of the little rock point around noon and my partner hooked a keeper fish on a rattle trap but it shook the trap out of his mouth. The winning team had over 20 LBS with one 23" fish and these were caught fishing crankbaits over the grass. All the other guys that did well were also fishing grass or the dam, but I think most were caught early as the sun was just coming up. I hope this report helps.
- Javelin
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