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Decided not to fish Bass Champs on Big Sam (lack of sponsorhip $$) and with the wind this AM, may have been a good thing.
Dad and I fished Fayette yesterday from 7:30-2:30, strong South wind most of the time with cloud cover in the AM, but clearing after lunch. We immediately caught 7-8 on our first spot but then it pretty much stopped. Caught 2 on cranks and the rest (5-6) on c-rigs and Tx rigs worked tight to timber in 3-9' of water. The closer to the timber you got the better. Several chunky small ones and a few 2.5-3#ers. It was a very subtle bite at times. Started working semi protected points and coves with no luck. Then went to the dam to avoid the wind and try our luck there, managed a few more up to 2.5#s. Working parallel to rocks in 1-5' with cranks and soft plastics in green. Wind slacked off a bit and headed out to main lake hump off of Buzzard point and finished off the day with a few more chunks, all on c-rigs. Again the bite was subtle but a longer leader (3-4') seemed to work best. Zoom lizard or Kicker Fish Finese Worm was our best bet. Ended up with 14, but they weren't easy, caught them early and late and not much in between. Might try to get out next week because work is going to take over for several weeks.
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