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Fayette County 2/16

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Had a chance to fish Fayette again yesterday. "Mr. Pinky" couldn't make it this time with his pink spinnerbait but took another fisherman from work. Similar to other reports, it was an interesting day and very tough at times. Ended up with 22 bass, majority were in the 2-3# range, but did manage several fish from 3-4.5#s. It was windy (East) and cold to start off and the bite improved as the day went along, lots of boats on the water and in the timber, but didn't see lots of fish being caught. Most fish came off c-rig green lizzards in 5-12' around timber, rip rap and pond dams. Did manage several fish on crank baits, traps and suspending rogue. Best bet was to yo-yo the trap or suspend the crankbait and they would have it when you reeled up the slack. Lots of misses and short bites, but we started catching more with a longer leader (24-36"). Would catch a fish or 2 then it would completely die off, then would eventually catch another one or 2...Couldn't really get on a consistent bite. Fish are fat and full of eggs and mad as ever once you hook them! Good luck and be careful, game warden was out checking boats and watching for wakes in the "no wake zone". John
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That was a good report. Sounds like you had a good day over all. I got my first ticket on that lake for no having a throwable. Thanks for the heads up, Good times!

Thanks for a great report. Sounds like Fayette has really turned on. Will be headed down there to go camping at Old Thicket and fishing a tournament on Sat.
As the game warden was approaching me on Monday, I put down my rod and began to pull out the PFD’s and all that good stuff right. He shouts out to me, hey, I’m sure if your pulling everything out for me to look at, then you’re legal, you don‘t need to pull anything else out. He also spoke to us a little as I was putting the stuff back up and then he drove off.
Fishytx-Were you fishing off of the point by Park Prairie ramp?
Yes sir, that was our first stop. It was around noonish. From there we moved on over to the big trees accross the cove. Minutes later after we pulled off that point, another boat pulled up on it.

My ride is a bright blue Ranger W/silver stripes. Almost too bright if you want to know the truth. And I haven't seen too many other boats with this color.
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