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Got to Prairie Park Ramp at 7am. Cloudy skies with thunder in area. Waited till 8:30am, till thunderstorms pass. Started on the North side of the lake, to get out of the wind. Fished shallow or less than 2 feet for the next 5 hours. Fished Oak Thicket cove, Buzzard Point and Hog Point in the trees with limited fish caught. A lot of boats in this area, to get out  of the wind. Then at 1pm, went to rocky area near intake/buoy markers. Caught some small bass to 2lbs. Then went to discharge/Baffle dike area. Started charting a lot of bait in 20-25 feet of water. Bass caught from 20-20 feet of water on BrushHogs in Watermelon Red and Norman DD-22 in Firetiger. At 5pm, moved back towards ramp area. Winds calmed. Caught a few more smaller bass...

Weather: Thunderstorms in the AM, Cold front moved thru in the AM. Cloudy to partly cloudy skies in PM. 44 degrees in the AM and near 60 degrees by 5pm. Full Moon was on 02-21-08.

Lures that caught fish: BrushHog in Watermelon Red, Culprit worms in watermelon Red and Norman DD-22 in Firetiger. (Fished with Swamp Donkey, spinnerbaits, and lipless crankbaits early with no bites)

Depth that fish were caught: Less than 2 feet on worms in the AM...PM, 10-30 feet where bait was located in open water area. No trees or brush located.

Water temp: 66 degrees in Northern part of lake; 95 degrees at discharge; 72 degrees near dam.

Fish caught:Up to about 20 bass caught and released. NO BREAK-OFFS but.. (lost a huge bass in deep water. That bass was very light in color and had swallowed a football! ;D ;D- Again did NOT fit in a 16" diameter net :eek:) Partner lost a 6-7lb bass, due to poor hook set in windy conditions. ???

Bass five bass: Near 20lbs...Not bad I guess with the cold frontal passage.

A couple nice fayette county bass (Note the bank robber outfit I was wearing to get out of the cold weather)


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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