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Fayette 6:30 - 7:30, 6/2 an amazing morning.

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Lance and I put in at 6:30. Water about 78 degrees, negligible wind at that time. We motored to our usual starting spot east of the dam. Good choice, since there was a massive shad roundup and good bass were breaking water all around us.

It was astounding. Me on an H20 sassy shad crankbait and Lance on a chugger, literally two out of three casts landed a bass 2lbs up to 5lbs. Just toss it in amongst them and they hit. It lasted about 45 minutes and we lost count, but we estimate we caught 40 fish between us, no dinks. I landed a 7.5lb in that flurry.

We then motored over to a stump field and Lance, who's been in a slump lately, immediately landed his second largest LMB yet, 10.5lbs, and then ten minutes later, a strong 6.5, both on a black worm with chartruese curly tail. I got a couple more on the crankbait.

By 7:45 it was pretty much over, but that's the best hour I've had in a long time. The day thereafter was slow, until 11:30 when we called it a day and headed back to Austin. The photos are in Lance's camera, and I'll put them up as soon as he sends them so y'all know I"m not a lying mud dog.  ;D
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Wow, sounds like a fantastic trip. Looking forward to the pics.
Glad you had a great morning. I could use one of those very soon. Can't wait to see the pics.
Fantastic trip, man that had to be a blast. Great size fish, some of the biggest from there in a while. Thanks for the report
Gotta love Fayette!
I do love that lake when it's on and it's on alot this time of year. Thanks for the report...
Sounds like one heck of a trip...I Love Fayette but only get there about twice a year. Congratulations on some great fish !!!
Nice report.

When I got up yesterday morning and looked out side, I sure was wishing I was on Fayette. The weather conditions were great for a top water bite.
Congrats on nice fish caught...Like to see pics...

Were the bass schooling like they do in August?

Great report!
I love that lake too!!! I got my secret top water bait !!!
7A22293B27263C480 said:
I love that lake too!!! I got my secret top water bait !!!
I'll take a stab at it. Two words: first word starts with "Y", second word starts with "M"? ;)
The photos are coming... I'm now bringing my own camera on the boat. Lance's computer can't handle his SD card and they have to go to the CVS to get their photo work done.

But if y'all think I'm a lyin' mud dog, I'm cool with that. :cool: I've got worse problems, believe me! ;D ;D

We went out there this morning, and I think we came in on what was the last of a similar shad roundup, though we only got a couple before they turned off. Then a mega thunderstorm came in and we hightailed it back to the dock, totally soaked when we got there. Only spent about 90 mins. on Fayette today. We went over to Bastrop and put in about 10am. I got one dink in Stock Pond cove and nothing else, got off the water at noon and hit it back to Austin.
Actually I do believe you...Just always good to see a nice bass photo to keep interested in bass fishing...LOL.

Download whenever....I am patient. ;)
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