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I must admit, it turned out to be a very pleasurable trip. I had a great time Chris. I’ll drag my boat down there next trip.

To start out with, things were not looking so good at the beginning of our trip. The thunder storms that were supposed to be around the coastal area at this time in the morning were still in our area.  And there was this cold wind, with rain beginning to fall, plus clouds that appeared to be moving back in our direction that sure didn‘t make things look like they were going to get any better either. But as the sun came up and we heard other anglers’ boats taking a beating across the white caps as they left the boat ramp gave us hope for better weather conditions or the sensation that we were not the only idiots on the water trying to catch a few fish. Never the less, the day turned out great.

Where we had first anticipated a good top water bite to take place, it never took place due to the constant wind direction change. Every time we moved to a new location looking for a top water bite in calm water, the dang wind would change directions as well. So we began throwing some crank baits here and there with good results. As the winds settled down and it became more suitable for top water baits, we started throwing them again with even better results. From 7 to 11 am the top water bite was hot. I never did see any other boats fishing with top water baits at this time either. I guess they thought it was to dang late in the day for it, I don‘t know.  

But the company on the water was great, and I was also pleased to share a little information with BlueSkeeter as we moved around on the lake. BlueSkeeter also thought it was the neatest thing when we were catching nice size fish on crank baits out in open water. I can definitely see him throwing a few more cranks in the future after this trip.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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