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Got on Fayette about 7a.m. Friday mornin, north winds were terrible, tried buzzbaits around the reeds and pulled out 2, but the wind was gettin the best of us. I changed to a 1/4 oz. shakey head rigged with peppergrass, bama bug or silver bruise 7'' shakey worms. I thought about fishin the dam but the winds were just too bad so I considered flippin in the reeds. The bite seemed slow at first but it didn't take long to pick it up, before you know it it was one after the other. There was even a time when me and my buddy were catchin em at the same time. Their defenately in the reeds. If you put in at oak thicket, the first immediate left will have a stretch of reeds. Thats where most were caught, not many people fish it either. We cut our day short right at 30 fish due to hunger and no beer. I wasn't leavin till I hit the 30 mark. Go get em guys!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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