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Fayette 3-7

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A buddy came in from out of town that I haven't seen in a year or more so we went to wet a line at Fayette. Got there at daybreak and started off with topwater and catching 4 and missing 8 more between the two of us. My buddy was getting really frustrated from all the misses and I told him I've had them miss topwaters alot in the high wind, lets try plastics. They wouldn't touch a t-rig for us but when we put on a shakey head the bite picked up. Ended up with 27, 1 that went 5, 2-4's, and the rest between 2-3 1/2. My buddy kept commenting on how hard these fish pull on this lake, he'd never seen anything like it. Gotta love Fayette!! Pretty good day for the high winds, ended the day with a soaking wet ride back to the ramp. Thought my boat was a wet ride until I got back to the ramp and saw a Triton come in behind me soaking wet also. All four of us just sat there and laughed for a minute. Got off the water around 2pm.
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