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Water temperature 64 to 65 degrees
Wind out of the south - south east @ 5 to 10 mph
Water clarity in several coves was stained more so than normal
Water level is still around 12 to 18 inches low
Hardly any grass in the lake -- or I wasn’t able to locate a good patch, I put it that way

I got on the water around 3:30 pm and I started checking out some of my old spots that I use to fish. Then I drove around the lake checking out the water clarity in different areas. After that, I ran over to the intake and began throwing a T/R 4 inch red shad worm. I put 17 bass in the boat while fishing the intake area. From there, I fished my way towards the rip rap on the dam. I noticed a shallow water blow up, so I picked up my top water rod and began casting. With a little over two hours of sun light left, most anglers wouldn’t even think of throwing top water baits, but I keep one on my deck at all times and throw it in areas that look promising. I’ll do this all through out a fishing trip no matter what time it is. I caught several 3’s, one 4 and one five pound fish while fishing with the top water bait. As the sun went down the bite just turned off on the rip rap like someone flipping a light switch off, so I moved over to the third boat ramp area and started picking up a few more in the shallow water with a T/R plastic worm. About an hour later when the moon became more over head, I moved back over to the rip rap area and the bite was on again. I was throwing a 4 inch - red shad - Berkley Power Bait worm sprayed with Spike it garlic scent, fished on a T/R along the rip rap and began picking up one fish after another. It’s getting kind of late, and the temperature has dropped enough to chill my body so I’m thinking it’s about time to go home. Well, I make a decision to make that one more cast before I leave and wouldn’t you know it, I get bit. I set the hook and I land this 6lb. 2 oz. bass. Well of course, now I’m no where even close to going home; so I stay on the water for another one and half to two hours looking for that one more nice size fish. Well that never happened, but I did end up catching several more good solid two and three pound fish.
I must admit, this was a pretty darn good trip for me. It was definitely a great way to start out the first day of spring. I ended up with 37 blacks, and one channel cat. I only intended to fish for about four to five hours, but I ended up staying on the water for eight. I believe they call this, (hooked on fishing.) Shoot man, who in the heck am I trying to fool, it was that fantastic last cast bite that did it.

Until next time my friend, keep those lines tight and be safe.

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