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Water temp 76 to 82
Winds out of NE @ 10 to 15 mph
Water slightly stained, which is normal
Hydrilla --- man where did this stuff come from? I saw a little a few weeks ago, but it has taking off like a wild fire.

I chose to fish the north side of the lake most of the day due to high winds. Also fished a lot of the west side coves because they too offered shelter from the winds and I saw all kinds of hydrilla along the banks in this area. It’s has been a while since this lake has had any hydrilla. Any how, I had some relatives and friends who were going out there so I decided to go as well. Since I no longer like to fish solo, I called and sent PM’s to several ABF members to see if they would be interested in going and no one was able to join me, so I ended up solo after all, therefore I did not take any pictures. But any how, I met up with the others and we all had a great day on the water.

Eight hours on the water and I ended up with 24 fish. All fish were taken on top water baits fished right up against the reeds. You had to place your bait with in inches of the reeds to get a blow up. They were really holding tight on the cover for the first five hours of the day. Then they moved out into the grass patches in about 3 to 5 feet. I also threw swim baits, crank baits, and a little plastic, but some how are another I always ended up with the dang top water rod back in my hands. When the top water action is on, I just can not pass it up. I had two 4’s, two 3’s, several dinks, and the rest were in between of course. I missed a good dozen or more bites; they were short striking it like crazy. But every angler I spoke to said they also had a great day on the water, nothing very big, but good numbers.
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