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FAN Travis Results

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As I mentioned in my previous post the day started out cold and even though it got warmer the winds decided to blow-
All in all it was a good day and we enjoyed seeing everyone make it back to the scales.
Here are the top 11 placed that got a check
Results are posted on our website  go to tournaments.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that came out and fished.
1.Chad Thiel-Bruce Davis  15.01
2.Bryan Cotter-Tom Martens 14.68
3.Randy Vaughn-Tony Ferdinondo  13.79
4.Clifton Watters-David Stephens  12.55
5.Randy Roe 11.82
6.Randall Christian-Jason Stafford 11.82
7.Lee Beuershausen-Charles Whited  11.80
8.Andy Nuyen-Brian Booker 11.55
9.Trey Groce-Joe Bill Hale  11.08
10.Jake Read-Dale Read  10.80
11.Paulina Reyna-BIll Guzman 10.78

Cally Ansier
Tim McNeal
Had big bass a nice 6.75 large mouth - You know Tim as the Marine on ABF- NICE FISH Tim

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It was good to seeing everyone at the meeting and weigh-in. Good times for sure! See ya'll on Buchanan next month.

Congrats Chad and to everyone in the money!
Nice Fish Tim!
After all my fishing rod/reels got stolen a few hours before tourment, I felt like it was going to be one of those morning.... :p

Well finishing last, I will be ready, with new gear, for the next FAN tournament on lake Buchanan!

Nice to meet and see everyone out there on Saturday. Nice going Tim on Big Bass and all the winners..

Traver is still talking talking about going up on stage. I'll be able to remind him that his first weigh in was at 2.5 years old! Thanks Jeff for an excellent run tourny and posting the pics.
Jeff I do want to thank you and your crew for putting on a great tourney. Can't wait for the next one.
Man, what a morning! The staff at Jones Bros park took good care of us. Jeff made a smart decision in holding us until the fog cleared enough. It was good to see everyone on Friday night and then again on Saturday.

Cant beat Rudy's!!!!
As others have already said, Jeff and company put in a lot of hard work and pulled off yet another great tournament! The overall atmosphere that these guys project while administering the event make fishing their tournaments a ton of fun. Thank you Jeff and crew!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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