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We have over 30 team’s pre registered for the Lake Travis tournament this Saturday, and I have not checked the mail or been to Fishfinders today. It looks like a respectable turn out- Thank you :cool:
The Leadership team has decided to waive the $10 Friday night late fee for this tournament. However the Saturday registration fee will still be in effect.
Thanks for the support everyone, we truly appreciate it.
Please feel free to email me of you have any questions.

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Re: FAN launches 51 teams out of Jones Brothers Park this morning

Well we launched 51 teams this morning out of Jones Brothers Park- 24 degree air temps had ramp #1 icing over, moved two ramp #2 and things went much better. The fog rolled in and we had to delay the blast off untill about 8AM, however with the cold temps folks didnt seem to mind. I got to thank Lina at Jones Brothers Park for bringing out the two big tree style heaters, and Steve Hampton of the FAN Staff for the big pot of coffee, that was awesome.
We have push the wiegh in flights back 30 minutes to 3:30 and 3:45.
If you dont have any plans come out to Jones Bros Park and watch the weigh in, looks like we will have a beautiful day for fishing.
Gotta get back to the lake now.
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