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We are proud to announce 2 new payout programs for the remainder of the 2010 season.

Cliff and the Texas Boat World Team have stepped up once again to bring special deals to the FAN Members, this in conjunction with the "Win More Money" incentives for existing TBW boat owners, make fishing the FAN CTTT more lucrative than ever.

Also Trey and Billy Kistler have sent us two Argon Rods (valued at $200 each) to award the team that finished just out of the money. Check out their new Z Bone Custom Rods

Also American Rodsmiths Big Bass Certificate ( $50 off) will be awarded to the first place big bass at each event.

We want to thank and recognize all of the 2010 FAN Sponsors that support our mission.


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Need some rods Andy :) Maybe you could throw in a wake board lesson or two  ;D
We are working on some other incentives as we go through the year, and especially for the Championship. Should be a great time, 30 teams or 100 teams we are going to have a great time this year.
Our goal has been for the Central Texas fishermen to compete on Central Texas lakes, for a shot to fish a Central Texas Championship and a chance to win a 30K + Bass Cat Boat, and other prizes on our local lakes. Thanks to Texas Boat World and Bass Cat Boat to make this vision a reality.
We also need to recognize Jacky and Fish Finders Marine, check out his new website at Jacky is a great guy and has some of the best tournament tackle, hard to find proven gear for the tournament angler.
Foundation Auto Repair for an honest approach to automotive repair, Dan Murphy is a great guy with integrity and skills, a refreshing approach to automotive repair.
The local Academy's,  Clint Foster at the 183 and I-35 Store, Clint has always been supportive of our Trail. Although the 1431, Roundrock and the 183 and Duval location has stepped up this year with door prizes and give aways this year. We appreciate those stores that support FAN. THANKS
We also thank all of our sponsors that make FAN a great tournament trail.

More to come
Thanks for your support, we appreciate you and the TTZ team.
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