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falcon report Nov 2,3,4.

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I had Sean Marshal and his 72 year old Dad Stan for 3 days on Falcon this week. Worst weather possible. 20 to 35 mph nw winds.Sean is a California Delta and Clear lake fisherman, came in talking smack. His FIRST flip in Falcons waters resulted in a 7lb 14 ouncer! We caught 15 by noon when we could not hold in the wind anymore. I remembered a spot i had fished way back in 92 when the lake was this level in the fall of the year. Took a chance and idled though the woods in search of it. Found it at about one and we caught 30 more in a couple hours with best 5 a shade over 30. Most all on 3/4 Jobaby green shad spinnerbaits.

Stan twisted his knee getting out of the boat that afternoon and sat out the second day. Sean and i went straight there and wacked 92 fish by 3pm with another 30 lb bag. Wind still blowing 25.

The 3rd day the 3 of us went back and had 45 by lunch when we decided to try another spot i thought would be similar. You know, the classic sin, leave fish to find fish. We found em though and from 1 to 5 caught 73 more with another 29 lb afternoon. Once you got them fired up on the blade it was almost every cast for 5, 6, 7 minutes. Big time scrape action! Wind still blowing 25! That made 118 bass in the boat in one day. Everyone of them from American waters!

Sean commented how if you tied a string to a 4lb Falcon bass and an 8 from Clear lake, that falcon fish would drown that 8 in a minute! They were just freightraining the blades, ripping drag for 3 or 4 seconds when you hit them. I just brushgripped a tree and laughed as they caught them in 8 to 15 fish scrapes one after another!

They caught them from 2 to 12 foot with 5 foot being the average depth. 90% on either the green shad or bluegill pattern 3/4 Jobaby. I would throw an occassional Senko out and it rarely got touched, they wanted a moving bait.

You absolutely do not have to go into Mexican water to catch them at Falcon. Don't give up on the lake. It is still the best lake in the country if you just fish our side. It's the best lake in the WORLD if you include the entire lake.

It was critical to flutter the blades 4 or 5 times per cast to catch them between scrapes. Once you got in a scrape, it did not matter.
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Awesome report, thanks!
Man, I worked my but off at Travis for a stringer 10 or 11 lbs. I need to get down there.
How long of a drive is it down to falcon. Sounds like a party ;D
4F7C6F670E0 said:
What is a "scrape"?
When you hook a fish and several others are trying to get the lure out of it's mouth. Sometimes while fighting the fish you can feel others banging into him as you reel it in. You want to try to get another one hooked up before you land the first one so the scrape continues and they stay fired up and easier to catch. Sometimes, you catch 3 or 4 fish quick. My record was at Choke fishing with Ricky Rasberry in a Pro Team trail Championship. We had 15 in one scrape. FUN STUFF!! :D
Good stuff guys. That will get your juices flowing on a Monday morning!
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