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Ran the camera boat for Wade in his match against Scott Martin in an episode of "The Scott Martin Challenge". They did a little different format for 2011 shows. Scott bed fished on Okechobee, while Wade fished Falcon. (probably doing this for economic reasons.) They had audio feeds between the boats, they started and stopped at the same time, and Scott talked his usual smack ALL DAY LONG! I have no idea how he found time to fish!

The Falcon fishing was nonstop for Wade. It was unreal. Kevin, the camera operator said he could film 20 shows and not get the live action hooksets Wade got in 8 hours. 50 plus fish for sure. 95% on a Jobaby spinnerbait which suited that Oklahome bred Wade just fine. I guess i have known Wade for 10 years now, i have never seen him so jacked up. It was absolutly painful just watching!

I won't spoil it by saying who won. But the combined 10 fish weight was well over 71# for the 2 guys. Wade stopped during the day and set up 2 openings for 2 of his own shows as well. He got enough to do Scotts show and 2 of his own.

I took then entirely to Texas waters. Wade is going out of his way for the community of Zapata to promote the Texas side of the lake. Very commendable.

I think they will all air in January.

I could not stand it anymore and had to stay and fish 3 hours Tuesday. Went to scout some new water and found another motherload. Had 2 over nine and a half, but not tens :'( It's an incredible spot though. :)

I have pics of Some of Wades fish, but am not intelligent enough to find the "add photo" link ?? Any help here?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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