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Made it to Zapata mid-day Friday and first stop was falcon lake tackle, super nice guys. Bought some recommended spinners and cranks and hit the water. Headed over to coyote on the mexico side for the first afternoon of fishing and spent the whole afternoon in those two coves next to each other over there. Soon as we got there found a 5 pound bass with close to a 1lb perch in its mouth, both dead. :eek: I caught 7 on t-rig brushhogs and my buddy got skunked, biggest went 3lbs. Saturday we trailed further south and put in at the dam and fished the salanais? I picked up four over there on same setup, one on crank. My buddy got skunked again. Saturday evening went in Guerro for a couple hours and caught 1. Sunday morning we just fished the Veleno for a couple hours and I caught 1 and lost 1 that was a little bigger than the rest I caught. Fun trip but figured out nothing about that lake, it is a jungle and it all looks the same. Next time I go down there Iam going to get a guide for the first day to show me around. So total for the trip was 13 for me 0 for my partner. The only difference in our setups was I was using 17lb flouro and he was using 20lb mono. I tried Basspro xps for the first time and really like it. I have not broken off anything with it yet, and it straightens out gamakatsu hooks when I get hung up, tough line.
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