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Fished Sunday and Monday at Falcon. Wind on both days out of the south. On Sunday it may have blown up to 15-20 before noon but Monday it was calm. Water temps in the mid 60s and air temp up to 80 both days. Both mornings started off cloudy. It burned off by noon. Both days started structure fishing deep at creek connections on the Mexico side across from the State Park. Over the 2 days we caught 2 heavy 7s, 4 6s and 2 5s in 18-23 ft of water using t rigged yumdingers, speed worms and lizards all in watermelon red. Later both days we got shallow, 8 ft or less in the same area and caught a bunch of fish with Jobaby green shad blades, watermelon red magnum super flukes and lizards. We got maybe 60 fish in 2 days, about half were 4 and over. The best went 7-14. Here is a picture of my 7-2. We fished with Jim Behnken. He is a great guide and invaluable if you want to learn the lake. His number is 210 414-8048.
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