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Spent the whole weekend out on the water. Had a club tourney at Dunlap on Sat and 6-7 already made a post about that below but thought I'd add to it.

The plan was to unseat last year's champ: Chris (Bassman) but man... he got into a school of fish and banged out a 12.15 limit... Me, I ran around all morning but when I couldn't really find any active fish on the flats - realized I needed to slow down a bit and I started working a jig around some docks. Lost a BIG fish... moved two docks down. Hooked another one 10 mins later which would be good enough to win lunker at 4.7. Those were the only 2 bites I had the whole day and I must've fished 25+ docks. Kept on hoping I'd just get a third big bite...

Sunday, I finally got out on LAKE AUSTIN!!! A buddy of mine, RG, took me out on his jon. We went out of CP and ran as far west as we could until we ran out of water and then fished our way back down, ran all the way to 360 and then back... fished until dark. We caught a few on cranks and plastics. Almost all of the fish we caught were around 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 lbs.

I lucked out with this nice toad pictured below. I really thought she was gonna go close to 9, considering how fat she was but she weighed in at 7.15. Needless to say, it felt really good finally getting into some of that drawdown action!!!!!

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