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I have used both:
* Spinshot
- was very cool and I sort of liked it. I got the offset version, but found it hard to TX rig certain baits on due to the gap between the J-bend and the bottom half of the swivel.
- The ones that I got actually 'broke'. (I think it was the wide-gap hook). I would probably use the non-offset version of the VMC or the Gamakatsu swivel shot looks nice and high quality.
- Very easy to change out leader lengths

* Standout
- I use these and like them very much. You can get into a similar pickle if you're trying to use a bait with a bigger/meatier nose portion, due to the closeness of the bend and the the standout lower shank, but boy does it make tying a drop shot on easy.
- 1 less knot than the spin shot, but less convenient to change leader lengths
- The red ones tend to lose the redness and show gold/brass after a few fish

My preference is the standout for most baits. Spin shot for heavier drop shot/bubba shot.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts