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Does anyone know...

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if there is big a tournament on Stillhouse this Saturday? Our club has a T out there but I heard there was another one out there as well. Just curious.
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There are a few out there. You might want to make sure you have a permit to have your tournament there. If you can't get one, you might not want to chance it. They are really cracking down on the number of tournaments out there. My club ended up changing lakes to Belton Saturday. :eek:
There is a standing T our there the first Sat of everymonth. They go out of the Marina
Does anybody know haw many teams fish the C.A.S.T events?
The Just the 2 of Us Couples will be fishing there Sat. Going out of Union Groove. Around 15 boats. CAST does not and will not list how many boats they have in any region. Want even post year to date standings on their web site. Must be hiding something. IMO.
What the heck is there to hide? That seems silly to me.
Does it not seem strange they(CAST) will not post year to date standing's. Any other state wide circuit post their year to date. I had ask why they don't post year to date standings on their web site. The response was we (CAST) does not give out e-mails. I did not or will ask for e-mails. I ask why year to date standings were not posted. So does it not seem they may be hiding something. CAST has bragged about how great it would be to fish CAST, so they should be proud to show just how many teams fish with them.
Maybe if they posted how many boats they have someone could do the math on the payouts. Maybe some odd accounting? That is odd they wouldn't post how many boats and the standings, maybe someone that fishes those tourneys can elaborate? :-/
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