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I have a friend who recently decided to go all in on bass angling. He is a long time salt water angler, so he knows how to fish, but he doesn’t get to spend a lot of time on the water as of yet. He made some stickworms last weekend. He gave me eight each junebug and black w/ blue flake. I told him the junebug looked a little dark. He said, let me know what they look like in the sunlight. I said, I’m gonna let you know what they look like in the water, LOL!

Yesterday seemed like a good day to take the disco yak to the Catch & Release Pond. To me, there was only one way to test these homemade worms: Weightless Wacky. Unfortunately, it was windy, in front of last night’s cold front. We’re gonna try anyway, at least its warm out.

I got to the park and discovered to my horror that I’d not brought my wacky rod. I had swimbait rod and TR rod. I set out, made a few casts with the swimbait, then cut it off and tied on a 3/0 Octopus. I paddled up to nice clump of water willow and cast out WW Junebug stickworm. An angler appeared on the bank and asked if he could cast to the bulrushes behind me. I graciously surrendered the entire reach of his casts because bank access is probably less than 1% of the shoreline. I paddled away and heard splashing. I looked over my shoulder and saw the bank angler pull a bass out of the water willow with a double willow spinnerbait.

I was happy for the bank angler, but I felt I might have let my friend down if that was the fish that had been destined to be the first victim of the new bait. The next stretch of shoreline had just been pounded by two youngsters in a jon boat. I started fishing their dirty water. The wind was really gusting up and weightless fishing was getting tougher. I set the anchor and cast out a 1/4 oz Texas rigged junebug Ol Monster. A fish gave a big yank on the ribbon tail but never got near the hook. I swapped out the Ol Monster for the homemade junebug stick worm and cast back out. Crickets.

The sun went down and the wind died with it. The bank angler had moved on, so I paddled back over to the water willow. I was struggling to make accurate casts without my wacky rod. Finally I snugged one in tight and it was struck. I r’ared back and brought the fish to hand as the bank angler watched. I sent my friend a text to let him know the worms do catch bass. Off at civil twilight.

The top worm in the picture is a 5” GYB Senko for reference.
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