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Trip Report​
Date: Saturday February 19, 2011
Time: 02:20 PM America/Chicago

Location: Decker Lake
Started within 155.58 feet of:
Latitude: 30.2883
Longitude: -97.6093

Air Temperature: 68.0° F
General Weather:
* Overcast
* Barometric Pressure: 30.09"
* Humidity: 81%
* Visibility: 10.00 miles
* Last Updated on Feb 19 2011, 1:51 pm CST
* Camp Mabry / Austin City, TX
* NOAA's National Weather Service
* Station Id: KATT
* 9.83282 miles from location
Wind Speed: Southeast at 8.1 MPH (7 KT)
Lunar Phase: Full @ 16.2 days (Visible)

Trip Notes: Hit up Decker after reading the story about the Lake Austin giant... Drove me nuts seeing those pics. Anyway sort of late on the post... sorry. Went out on Sat afternoon and caught 5 blacks on shaky heads. Nothing real big and not large numbers but still fun! Trolled around for about an hour or so from the intake to the dam... No takers. Still without a fishfinder. I'll be buying one soon after finishing my Ar build.

Trip Photos:
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