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time 6:30am-10:30am

water temp: mid 80's

air temp: mid-high 80's & slightly overcast and muggy

winds 5-10 from the south.

i took the inflatable raft out and spent the morning on decker. i got to try out my new anchor and polarized glasses, both of which are awesome! i got to lake at 6am and there were about 8 trucks already waiting to get in. at about 6:30am the city worker got there and opened up the gates and by that time there were about 12 trucks.

as usual the bass were hitting the schools of shad at the surface about 100-300 feet from the shore. ive noticed this to be typical for the area around the west side of the parking lot which the only place i fish on this lake.

at about 7:45 i landed a fat 16" large mouth on a 4" paddle tail storm swim shad. (big lure!) i actually have to use my striper rod for that lure because my normal bass rod is too small and weak. after i got it onto the raft i unhooked it and left it sitting on the floor of the raft while i grabbed my measuring tape & camera. well thats where a good fish went bad! first, when i was trying to take a picture of the fish i realized that my camera lens was fogged over from being in my ice chest.  :p then after i wiped the lens down i realized that it was fogged up on the inside of the lens!  :'( that fish spent about 5 minutes on the floor of my boat while i was trying to clean the lens and the lens never dried out so i just let it go. i did get a couple of extremely blurry pics though.

thats not the worst part though. sometime while that fish was on the floor of my raft it managed to puncture a hole in the floor of my raft!  ;D he sure showed me!

that was my personal best bass by the way  ;) not super huge, but it was exciting for me!

about 6 casts after that i hooked into another one but i snapped my line while setting the hook. i dont know what happed with that? i cast, the bait hit the water, i stopped to scratch my leg and while i was scratching my leg the bait landed on the bottom. just about as soon as i started to reel it in i felt the bite and my line started to take off so i jerked it hard and then i felt my line pop. the thing that gets me is that i use like 50lb test braided spider wire on that rod. my guess is that the prior fish freyed up line or something?  next time im going to re-tie my lure after a catch!

after that it died down and i didnt get another bite. i did see a guy fishing out of a kayak about 100 yards from me who was still pullin' a few up untill the time i left at 10:30am.

all in all i had a good time, and suprisingly it didnt get too hot!

when i get back to the house ill post the pics of my blurry fish  :)
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I dont know what knot you tie but you might try another knot I have had this happen in the past and retied a different knot and have not lost a fish yet even if the line has been frayed just 2cents worth.....But glad you got the bite!!!!!
i use an improved clinch knot. i actually have a difficult time tying that knot with the braided line but its the only one i know how to tie!

two sundays ago i lost a big bass in the same location, at the same time and on the same bait.

i think its going to be my new place/bait! im too afraid to paddle my raft out to where the hybrids are or i would be all over those! im afraid i might not be able to paddle back agaist the wind! :-?
my main problem is the more beer i drink, the crazier (worse) my knots become! i have lost my share of hooks on a good night! hang in there! :D
Try a double palomar knot. that is what i use with braid. Also instead of a hard hook set try a sweeping motion set more like a c/rig set. but then again there some big carp in decker that might still brake you line. nice story. at least your have fun fishin.
you know, somebody else also recommended that palomar knot with braided line. i think ill have to learn that one, it looks easy enough. thanks!

also thank you for the link on knot tieing, its going to help alot!

i just got home and put those pics on photobucket and they are alot worse than i though. but, if you look hard enough and use a little imagination you can kinda make out a fish! ;D

this pic is with the fish laying on the floor of the raft. in the top left corner you can see a white spot, thats my knee. i was sitting on my knees with the fish inbetween my legs, you can use my knee as a size referance.

in this pic im just holding the fish up by the mouth.

sorry for the horrible pics, next time the camera will NOT be going into the cooler! ::)
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LOL that is classic bro. At least they are good enough to see the silhouette of the fish. Thanks for sharing for sure.

I started wiping my LCD down before I read the post ;D.
congrats on your best fish.keep fishing the deck and you will catch even bigger fish,they are there.i think you might need to check your water temp. gauge its about 10 degrees off,the water in decker is in the mid-90's.or in other words HOT HOT.thanks for the post,well done.
thanks guys, and sorry again for the cruddy pics!

i didnt have a temp gauge. i just guessed at the temp because the air felt like it was in the 80's and the water felt to be about the same as the air! ;D

i assure you im not that sophistocated! but im working on it. ;)

i know there are big fish there becasue i see them hitting the surface in the mornings. i would like to try some live shad sometime though.
I can tell it's a good fish!!

in other news: I always thought that certain types of knots won't work well with braided line....the cinch knot being one of them. that's the main reason I don't rick the braid actually, I don't know any of the proper knots!
I just learned how to tie that palomer knot. its much easier than the clinch knot with the braided line! im going to stick with it while using the braided stuff, although i might not need to use it that much any more? my braided line is on my old striper/sturgeon rod which is pretty heavy but i just bought a new rod and reel (ugly stick w/reel #35) and i think it should be able to hande my big 5" swim shad, or at least i hope? if not then ill just use the smaller plastic storm swim shad that i just got also? we'll see this weekend! ;)

im also gonna try my new spook jr and hula popper, ive never fished a top water before.
Early morning Bass topwater is one of the best bites you can ever have!!
hey try a palomar knot...they work the best with anything type of braid line...anything else will pull loose
213427393436550 said:
Early morning Bass topwater is one of the best bites you can ever have!!

i cant wait to try the new spook jr! saturday wont come fast enough! its a little annoying that the sun comes up so early right now though. i'd like to get on the water BEFORE the sun comes up but last time i showed up to decker at 6am i had to wait for half an hour to get in the gate.
I always fish the Super Spook Jr for feeding bass, whites, striper, and hybrids..

Below is my favorite in WOUNDED SHAD color...



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