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Finally went and got a new trolling motor today and put it on with the help of my buddy One_Mo_cast, and of course we had to go try it out when we got done. So we headed across the street to Decker. Caught 6 fish on TR rattlesnakes in 4 to 6 fow out in front of the reeds. Bite was same as 2 weeks ago, one tap and then the fish were swimming towards you. Only fished for a couple of hours or maybe 3. And the new trolling motor works great.
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Sounds like a fun trip to Decker. I heard fishing has been tough over there. Glad to hear of some catching.
I'm thinking of heading to Decker on Sunday maybe. I haven't been on the water for the new year yet! What was the temp like at Decker. Driving by it seems that the power plant started generating when that artic air was here last week. Last time I was there in mid December it was below 50F everywhere I went.
We fished Walter Long last Sunday but never made it to the discharge, where we were told our best luck would be. No luck on the way there either :mad:
Decker Lake is a hard lake glad you caught a few
I don't have a water temp gauge but it was pretty cold. They wern't genin wish they would have been to see what might have been going on over there, but oh well.
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