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Decker had more fish than I had time to catch yesterday. After about two hours milling about the lake I traveled back up to the Damn. Fished the damn from 11:30 to 1 and caught about 15 all 14" or larger. I had to leave and it was one of those "just one more cast" kind of days.
I was happy to finally find some biting fish in one concentrated area after what has seemed to be a very long winter for me.

Details, water cloudy, weather cloudy, water temp was about 59 and this would have been right before the cold front moved in at 3pm.

Caught everything bumping the rocks with a shaky head and red trick worm trailers.


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Fished Decker 8am- 3pm. Rip/Rap produced quite a few bites. Caught blacks to 16" and a couple of 19" hybrids. Hit some reeds where water was moving and had luck there as well. All on soft plastics. Threw traps and little n's but nada. Overall steady bites, but nothing to get the blood going. :p
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