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Hello all Its been awhile been busy. Check it out we've been fishing Decker at night with noisy topwaters. And doing pretty well. Catching nice fish, pretty good numbers, and it a heck of alot of fun. I get some wierd looks when we drop the bassboat off at 8o'clock. problem is that two weeks ago on a tuesday we were catching fish at a very steady pace and I was watching my watch waiting for time to run out. We came flying around the corner at 945 to load and the lights were off. (I'm sure ya'll have noticed that) By the time we loaded (we weren't in a big hurry) and got to the gate at 10:06. IT WAS LOCKED!!!! All right well we took the gate apart with two pair of chnnel locks and put it back together good as new. Problem is it took about 45 minutes and really just sucked. I ran into some guys out there a couple of nights later and we were laughing about it and one of the guys said he nknew the combo. Well he was wrong. Well I started thinking. It's hard to leave fish and I'm not trying to break the law but it would be nice to have the combo. SO anybody know what it is? PM I'll show you how to catch'em at night ;) ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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