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Launched the yak at 7:20, a bit later than intended but got held up. Launched West of the main boat ramp. Water temp was consistently 70°F all day.

Threw a weightless watermelon Senko at the reeds on the south bank and immediately hooked into a nice fish.

It was my first time fishing this water so I headed up into the Northwest to start heading back looking for fish moving off beds. Most everything I saw on sonar was 10'-15' deep.

I spent a few hours cruising the banks and just seeing what the lake had to offer, but got no more bites.

Rain was approaching so I figured I ought to go back to where I got some action. Hit another decent bass in the southwest corner, then another along the south banks. Both on T-rigged Senkos.

I enjoyed this body of water a lot more than Lake Pflugerville, but have a newborn coming Friday so probably won't be back at it for a bit yet.


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