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We launched first, because if you’re not first, you’re last. We ignored the signage that forbade all motor boats, curiously ignorant verbiage that is obviously meant to inform park patrons of the holiday moratorium on PWC’s. The Stratos’ holeshot out of the no wake zone was exhilarating, the run out in the inky black darkness sublime.

We came off pad and I washed my hand in the warm bow spray as we coasted into the back of the cove. The small sliver of crescent moon rose adding no light and the southwest wind ruffled the water. Todd caught a couple of nice fish on a Texas rigged stick worm. I caught one on a senko, but I switched to fluke and added a couple more.

The bite was considerably less than spectacular, we covered a lot of water, but were only getting perch taps. Todd stuck a red ear in the eye and brought him aboard. I lost a decent bass on drop-shot, but later I put a drop-shot bass in the boat. I caught another senko fish at 11am, extending our fishing fifteen more minutes and then we were done. We wound up with thirteen between the two of us, nothing of size. Off at noon.
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