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Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of reports as of late, I have been fishing during August, but not as much and I've been pulling clips from my knock off GoPro action cam to make a video report of how my August went (which was just ok, a lot of 3lb fish from the bird).

Wanted to post a fun one from this last weekend though, on Thursday morning (9-1) I had done a quick strike mission at Decker to see how things were going before work for the day (launched around 615a). I caught some small largemouth and a nice Hybrid on the A-Rig and that influenced me to go back on Saturday 9-3 and launch even earlier to see if fish were feeding in the dark (5a).

I was the 2nd person through the gate and to my surprise no one was behind me, maybe the weather man's forecast of T-Storms that afternoon kept most people home, coming to understand the weather is virtually unpredictable here I went anyways, hoping for some cloud cover to hang around in the morning and keep the fish active and higher in the water column.

I got to the spot about 530, I metered some bait balls but the action was quiet, no splashing on top and nothing noticeable on the sonar disturbing the schools. I actually had the intention of targeting some hybrids for the freezer, as I'd recently learned that not only does my 2 year old like fish, but he prefers it over any other meat. But I figured I could catch some nice LMB from the same anxiety ridden groups of bait. Imagine being a shad right now, you move into a cove to escape the deeper water where the hybrids and whites are picking you off and then get bullied back out to said deeper water by angry, hungry largemouth, quite the life!

I rotated through a few other baits including various topwater offerings and yet still nothing was chewing. Finally about 7, with the cloud blocked sun dimly lighting the water, some scattered boils started to appear. I got my first strike and it actually turned out to be a double of hard pulling legal hybrids on the A-Rig, yeehaw! I latched them onto the chain stringer I had brought and fixed the mess that was now my mangled A-Rig spider webbed into my net.

I picked up a decker slot shortly after, it was easy to decipher the species since it came to the top almost instantly, in true largemouth fashion. Chasing the boils was a bit of a game of cat and mouse, they'd pop up over there and I would be over here and that game would continue. I got another nice legal hybrid to the boat and then the wildest boil I have ever seen at Decker started up... about 20 yards away from me I saw some birds start diving and then what started as a rolling boil turned into all out mayhem! Shad were exploding out of the water's surface like dynamite was being discharged below them... LMB were also getting just as airborne. There was slashing, ripping, skating across the surface in an all out feeding frenzy of hybrids and largies gorging themselves on the pathetic shad. I raced over, and cast my umbrella rig into the chaos, shortly after I went tight and the drag started rippin' yeeeewww!!! I was pitted and pinned to the side of my yak as whatever I had on was taking line and thrashing below the yak. It started rapidly approaching the surface and I see the ol bucket mouth opening for a headshake, a nice largie and a keeper hybrid on at the same time! I brought them in and let out a warcry of success before releasing the largemouth and adding another nice stripe to the stringer. I got 3 more hybrids before that boil sounded and shut off, but the next 3 were short by about 1-2" each. At this point I had 4 hybrids on the stringer, and was trying to cap out my limit before going home.

I made a move once that action died off and noticed one of the chain clasps had opened up and I had lost a fish off the stringer in the process... what the heck? I kept fishing but the bite started dying off so I figured maybe I could look for the hybrid that came off, unironically I had anxiety about the stringer from the get-go, it was a $3.50 BPS chain stringer that seemed poorly made... the buckle that held the clasps together was not difficult to dismantle.. this thing may as well have been glorified tinfoil, nonetheless I learned my lesson about buying cheaply made chain stringers for bruiser hybrids. I started looking around the area I had noticed it was missing and saw 2 other kayakers working the grass edge in close, I asked if they had seen a dying or potentially dead hybrid floating around. They obliged and said they had tried reviving it, but it wasn't doing so well, they even thought about taking a pic with it to pretend they caught it since it was a good one. Just then we see a tail pop up, and one of them says "there, that's it!" it was bobbing on its back with a bit of its tail sitting out of the water. I raced over to get it, net in hand and right when I got close enough it had just enough life left to swim down out of reach. This went on for about another 30 minutes, I would wait for it to bob up in a new spot and try to run over to net it. The conditions appeared to be heading towards the forecast, as more and more storm clouds were working their way towards the res. I also had bled out the other 3 I still had, with the plan to head in soon, so with the mindset of keeping the meat I still had as fresh as I could I gave up trying for the dying fish that kept slipping out of view.

I made my way in and packed up heading for home, the hybrids are a fun distraction from my regular green routine, and I'm definitely going to be making the drive to Buchanan to try for the real deal stripers soon. Anyways, here's what most people came for, good ol fish porn!

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