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The weather was conducive to safely navigating big water in the Pond Prowler, so Decker I went. I launched first, indubitably, and made turns for the home of the giants. The waning moon was bright overhead. I resisted the temptation to stop and fish. The wind was calm, the temperature mild. The water is ~83°F and stained. Austin Energy has allowed this lake to evaporate, it is pretty low. I got back to the home of the giants and it was one big mat. If there was a morning bite, it was so thin I must have blinked and missed it.

I worked a fluke over the grass in the pre-dawn darkness and got three bites, only one of those to the boat. When dawn broke, I switched to senko. I tried to drop the senko into the visible holes adjacent to the cheese and the witch heads. I got three fun fish on senko, one of them buried in a ten pound clod of algae. The hydrilla looked so good, I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and try to punch with a half ounce tungsten. Lo and behold I got bit on the punch, using a Missile D-Bomb, and boated another fun fish.

I fished my way out of the cove and paused to fish another hydrilla patch. The moon was still overhead, when’s it gonna set? A Skeeter with two gents were fishing their way into the cove. I saw the bow angler reel one in from the reeds. I moved to the outside edge to give them the inside. I cast the weightless fluke into the grass. I felt a slight pull on my line. I reeled down and r’ared back. I excaimed, “GOT HIM!” and they watched as I boated a nice two-and-a-half pound largemouth. Ah, are the bass on the inside or outside? LOL!

I thought I’d head back to the mainlake and work some of the points. I cast TR, CR and DS but hauled water. The wind’s western component is what concerns me most, but the wind was mostly south, so I relaxed and fished. The moon finally set. I trolled across to the peninsula and settled in behind a yakker who was fishing his way to the north. I could hear bass in the reeds. I watched smaller bass blowing up shad in the submergent veggies with brutal kill strikes. I cast a senko down the shoreline and retrieved it back slowly along the pondweed outside edge. My rod doubled over on an absolute stunner strike that damn near jerked the rod out of my hands. Then the line went slack and I thought the worst. Then the rod doubled over again as the fish pulled under the boat, Holy Cow! I had no idea what I’d hooked, but it turned out to be hellacious good’un. This is why I stayed three hours since my last bite, cuz you just never know. Off at 2pm.
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