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Decker 9/17/22

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I pulled into an almost deserted park, save the one yakker who beat me thru the gate. It was the same yakker who told me last weekend that he overslept. He was on time this week. I rigged out the Pond Prowler with bow and stern trollers. I made the transit to the home of the giants in twenty minutes.

I was curious as to how heavy the angling pressure would be today. It wasn’t long before a parade of 19 and 20 foot bass boats with 200+ horsepower engines came racing around the peninsula. Nathan told me he saw a 21 footer. Looks like most anglers don’t mind the treacherous ramp condition. The lake was covered up with kayakers and jon boats, too.

I went to the same spot where I fished last weekend. The bass were still there. I had this spot to myself until around 9:00AM. I got squeezed when a boat anchored at the point to bobber fish with the kayak dawn patrol bearing down from out of the backwater and a 20’ Skeeter skipping past on the outside. Only took a couple minutes for the crowd to move along and once again I was the lone angler on this stretch.

I caught seventeen bass, none under two pounds. The larger fish were close to four pounds, but no big’uns for me today. When I took out the parking lot was still full. Beautiful weather, beautiful water, beautiful bass. Great way to start the weekend! Off at 11:30AM.
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awesome!!! Thinking about heading out there with my pond prowler this next week. Havent been out there before. Does the lake open at a certain time? fee for launching? any info I need to know about
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“Does the lake open at a certain time? fee for launching?”

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