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We arrived minutes after the gate opened. We had to use the alternate admittance kiosk. Todd guessed the primary kiosk was out of paper. Anyhoo, we drove down to the prep area and saw drip marks from a trailer on the ramp. I couldn’t see a boat anywhere, but we quickly realized why. The angler dropped his gas engined Jon boat in the water without the plug in. While he parked his truck, his boat filled with water and listed heavily on the ramp. He had a large bucket to bail with, so we backed down next to him and blasted off, first. We made turns up the western arm.

We blitzed the shoreline reeds to the back of the cove. The fish were lockjawed. Todd cast a buzzbait and exclaimed when he saw a follower. A giant bass was tracking, laser focused on the buzzbait until Todd’s headlamp illuminated him and he shied off. I made it a point to constantly remind Todd of that moment for the rest of the morning, LOL. Todd caught a fish on senko.

Dawn was breaking. We decided to run to the home of the giants. I grabbed my Yeti to sip on my coffee while we made the transit. Todd had other plans. He put the hammmer down. We hit a wake and I poured coffee down my shorts. I put the Yeti back in the cupholder.

Todd ran the flank bell deep into the cove. He shut down the engine and we coasted on plane for another couple hundred feet. So cool when Todd does that. Without hesitation, we both got baits in the water and both got fish in the boat. I bombed one all the way to the back of the cove and the senko got smoked… by a good’un, 4lb 5oz! An hour later, Todd caught a good’un on a Texas rigged Ol’ Monster. He joked that he caught my fish, since I throw Ol’ Monster quite a lot. I laughingly applauded him on catching this one, after missing the buzzbait fish earlier.

We fished the hydrilla a little longer and I caught a drop shot fish. Then we tried a stretch of main lake reeds and my drop shot got perch tapped several times. We ran to the peninsula point, where Todd caught a fun fish from the pond weed on TR stick worm. We went back to where we started and I got a fun fish on a drop shot.

It was noon and we were ready to call it a day. Then disaster struck. While loading the boat, the prop hit a rock and was severely damaged. Todd was crestfallen. He examined the prop and pronounced it DOA. The water level is really low so all y’all take care not to do the same.
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