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Todd and I pulled through the gate at 6:00AM. Just like yesterday, there were very few anglers. One boat had launched and another was readying. A couple dawn patrol kayakers were on the water. We assembled the Pond Prowler on the nearly high and dry ramp by the light of the bright gibbous moon. I suggested we bring a spare battery and auxiliary troller. Todd insisted we rig light as possible. I tossed two collapsible paddles in the cockpit.

We shoved off and Todd was instantly pointing to nearby shorelines. I’m the captain of this here two-man buggy and we’re making turns for the home of the giants. During the long transit I stayed several cast lengths form shore lest Todd be tempted to cast out and I’d have to slow while he reeled in a fish.

We rounded the peninsula and I swear we had the entire eastern arm to ourselves. I was going straight back to where I’d hammered ’em yesterday. We arrived on station and cast out. It wasn’t long and Todd boated a couple of fun-fish on Texas-rigged straight tail worm. I got a nice senko fish to the boat. Yep, it was a quick start to another awesome day.

We worked the same 1/8 mile stretch of shoreline, to and fro, for the next five hours. We mainly caught fish on senko and TR worms, but Todd caught a couple on drop-shot, too. Around 11:30 we headed for the ramp. We paused to fish a peninsula shoreline where Todd added two more senko fish.

We had a blast. We caught 26 fish between the two of us. Todd‘s biggest went 5-6 and I had a 4-0. We didn’t catch hardly any under two pounds. The weather was perfect. Such a beautiful lake. Still had a half charge on the batt when we quit. There was only one boat trailer in the parking lot when we took out at noon. I guess the fishing must be better somewhere else.
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