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I hoisted Old Glory and made the short commute. I got the hoopty up to a bone rattling 60mph on the SH, a glittery bass rig blew right by me, so much for being first. He was installing nav lights on the ramp, and my hull touched the water first. I said good morning to the son as his father backed the boat into the water. They blasted off, I still had ten minutes of rigging to do.

The forecast slight east wind is ideal for the Pond Prowler. I headed east. My nav lights and head lamp started blinking out, which is just as well because the flies were super dense on any light source. I decided against the long transit and decided to fish my hunches. My third cast at the peninsula got smoked by a good’un. I fumbled the hookset in the pitch black but managed to get the fish in the boat. This is a good start. I cast back out and got struck again. Again, I misjudged the hookset in the dark and this time I snapped the line, doh! Just like that, my good start went to scratch.

I reignited the nav lights and trolled across. I worked a quarter mile of shoreline without a bite, not even a perch tap. I gave up on senko and topwater. I started pitching a beaver into the bulrushes, not really my style. I headed uplake, leapfrogging four fishing boats that were tight to the shore. I got to one of my go to hydrilla patches and cast out Texas Rigged ringworm. I got a bump and this time I crossed his eyes with the hookset. Finally, a nice good’un. I caught another smaller fish out of the hydrilla. The wind was coming up a bit and thought to get back to the west side while the gettin’ was good. The east wind was making for a very relaxed transit. I drifted along the peninsula shore line, catching fish on senko, drop-shot and Texas-rig. Beautiful day to be on the water. Off at 1:30pm.
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